Aluminum Composite Panel

Up to 20 years warrany, most affordable cladding system specialis

Coated Coil ACP

  • ULTRANAR Coil Coating System
  • ULTRAFLON Coil Coating System
  • ULTRAREFLECT Coil Coating System
  • ULTRAGLITZ Coil Coating System
  • ULTRAGUARD Coil Coating System
  • ULTRAPRIM Coil Coating Primer System
  • ULTRABACK Coil Coating Backer System

We work with two types of internal cores made up of thermoplastic resin (low density polyethelene) one of which is made with fire retardant that has a fire classification of B-S1 d0 according to SABER EN-13501-1:2007. Both cores offer a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation. The manufacture of ALUMAX/ ALUMTECH BOND Composite Panel follows a controlled process by way of rigorous internal tests and quality controls in our laboratory as well as external controls by way of audits from the most prestigious construction institutes in the countries where we are certified and these most demanding national and international certifications are available to our clients which are as below.


    Our Products

    AP 501
    Pure White
    AP 502
    AP 503
    Egg White
    AP 501G
    Glossy White
    AP 506
    AP 533
    Silver Metallic
    AP 539
    Champagne Metallic
    AP 534
    Bright Silver
    AP 542
    Charcoal Metallic
    AP 535
    Light Grey
    AP 508
    Graphite Grey
    AP 546
    Dark Grey

    Benefits & Features

    Mechanical & Manual Processing

    Riveting & Bolting
    Sawing & Cutting

    Certificates and Reports

    Fabrication and Processes


    Can be done with CNC, mural or portable milling machine.
    Straight, curved or angle cuts can be achieved as long as the adequate tools are available.


    Can be done with CNC or a portable milling machine. The milling allows for the pieces to be folded afterwards. The 90° or 135° milling tools to be used depending on the required fold. In order to achieve the desired measurement the fold must be produced in the milling axis. An incorrect fold can alter the final measurement of the panel by up to 4 mm.


    Grooving for 90 °and 125°construction


    The panel will accept multiple types of perforations, and it is advisable to use the adequate tools inorder to achieve an optimum quality finish.

    Punching and Die Cutting

    The panel can be punched and die cut with conventional machinery. It is normal to find a slight sinking in the external aluminium panel.

    Bending with Rollers

    In order to bend our products, the most appropriate method is to use the 3 roller pyramid style roller bending machines. In order to avoid any risks, attention must be paid to the minimum bend radii on the internal side.

    Riveting and Screwing

    It is essential to take in to account the lineal expansion of the panel. We recommend using normal metal screws made with stainless steel. In order to do the riveting, a pressure control or dynamo meter key riveter is needed with a pressure control limiter. All drilling needs a center-er.

    This installation system, with tray type (rout and return) panels and sealing joints, is one of the most common methods and it is available for a wide range of new buildings and renovation projects. After fixing ALUMAX PANEL/ ALUMTECH BOND on the substructure, we apply a suitable sealing material to the joints in order to ensure water-tightness. An example to fix for signage shop fronts.


    1. ALUMAX PANEL /ALUMTECH BOND 4mm having signs (logotype, letters)
    2. Aluminum flange coated with the same color ofsheets
    3. Water drip
    4. Drain hole
    5. Steel sub-structure. L-30×30, coated
    6. Anchor
    7. Stiffener, aluminum square pipe, 30x30x2
    8. Corner support plate, aluminum L-40×40
    9. Aluminum channel (top & bottom only)
    10. VHB tape